Loving your own skin & New language?!

I'm super insecure to start this post off aha. I'm soooo self cautious it drives my family insane xD Everyday I'd look at my body, or when I go outside and it has a reflection, I sneak peak at myself and I'm usually disgusted whether I should or not and my brothers would sigh and be like "do you have to check yourself out all the time..." lolol. But now that I'm starting to love myself, I'm starting to accept my body shape and learn how to work with it instead of wishy washy about things I that can't be done.

Girls seriously look their best when they can work their OWN body. Every body is different, and how a girl maintain it is different. Knowing that, I can't expect something that works for another girl, to work on me...and I shouldn't give up because of it either. I'm unique, we're all unique..and I've been working hard to find what suits best for me and it's been working =)

Here are a few photos that really took some of my guts to take lol:

Some of you might think i'm insane...but idk, I'm hard on myself hahah!

OH! :33~


I'm going to be taking up NIHONGO in collegeeee! (Japanese) And I'm saying this here so that I will have to work hard on learning it or else I'd look stupid for talking about it when I'm failing at it xD But yeah..it was a debate if I wanted to learn chinese or japanese. I was always fond of those two languages when I was younger. I think when I was about 8 or 9 years old I would use my mom's liquid eye liners and write chicken scratch on a piece of paper pretending I was writing some chinese characters LOL. It's about time I learn it for real xD

I have a private blog where I just write to myself, and I called myself YUKI there...so yeah. I pretty much named myself in Japanese lmao. I thought Yuki was appropriate because I was born in December when there was snow...and I like snow so ah! :D

It's all really excited this year. I can't wait for moreeee!!!


Baowser said…
Chuy! I can so relate. I don't even know if sometimes I come off as a stalker or what not to you, sorry if I do, because I comment on your Youtube, Facebook, and even on blogspot. Sorry. >.<. But I have a also have a blog and sometimes I don't like to advertise my whole life onto fb so I have a blog. No one like knows of my blog except my boyfriend. I would do a personal diary, but my handwriting is so darn ugly and its often found and read, so i do blogs. Because I love typing so much, and I love to blog, although my choice of words aren't as intellectual but I love to type, type about whatever. I also don't know why I'm rambling on so much about nothing, but my point is, my blog is like my personal kind of blog. I once post on FB that I have a blog, and a few people who I know are just trying to "check" up on me was asking about my blog and then I deleted my post about it. Sometimes, people just wants to know the personal stuff about you to use it against you later in life. I still don't know what my point is about this that I'm writing you. I guess to really cut it off, I also have a personal blog. And I can understand that you also have a personal blog all to yourself. :)
AoiPanduh said…
Omgsh Chuy I love you!!! LOL Randomness, I know. I've been sorta 'stalking' your blog every week, and I'm actually a fan of your youtube vids, you're a very creative and unique young woman!! XD I'm really glad to have stumbled upon this post in particular. Why? Lately, I've been feeling very insecure about myself, inside AND out. I find myself questioning stupid concerns about the way I look, what does my bf like on me, am I just another hater/jealous girl? I want to feel beautiful, and your post has enlightened my confidence-Chuy you made my day... <(^-^)> *hugs!* Anyway, I took Japanese for all four years of my HS, and I plan on continuing it throughout college. You'll LOVEEEEEEEEEE Nihongo, it's a beautiful language and I hope you find the same enjoyment that I did :D And btw, Chuy you ARE a beautiful woman ^-^
Chuy Yang said…
thank you aoi ^^ Glad to make your day :D

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