My pink tip nails ♥

This year after watching the numerous tutorials on nails...I just became obsessed with having my nails painted at all times. It feels naked without any polish nowadays.

I'm not that great with french tip nails yet..but that gives me more reason to do it to practice! xD I can only french tip my right hand because that's the hand I can grow nails...the other hand I need to have absolutely no nails since I play the violin :( *sad face*

Not to mention, I really dislike fake nails. They're just so uncomfortable and I can't stand them :/ So my index broke off and my thumb did the only long ones are my middle, ring and pinky!

Anyways, me nails ♥ :

Doing nails makes me feel more like a girl xD It has become my makeup for the nails ;p


Emi ♥ said…
Really elegant O.O I love it!!

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