New baby brother!!

I have a new baby brother!!! :DD It's been such a long time since my family have a little squishy and cute human in the house, this it feels unreal for us haha. His name is Eli Lee!
Soooo precious ^-^ I love babies..they're so cute and little. My mom had a c section and she did great! I was so nervous because she never had it before.. but I knew she was strong. I love him so much!
I've been playing classical/piano music for him. They say that music like that helps the baby develop's even good for studies! So yeah xD I'm going to take some better photos of him soon so look out for them :))


Britta said…
WoooW, congrat! You have a wonderful little brother, he is sooo kawaii! <3

Best wishes and have a wonderful time together ^^

Siblings are the biggest presents in the life!

Take care.
Chuy Yang said…
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