Skinny & Fat

I don't get what's the hate going on between fat and skinny people..especially girls. I mean if you're THAT confident in yourself, you shouldn't have to go around reminding people (aka reminding yourself) that you're pretty or being fat or being skinnier is better. The most beautiful and confident people are the ones that don't give a shit about those things.

I absolutely hate with a passion photos likes this:

Why? Because that's just offensive for those who can't help to be a smaller size. I know people who don't want to be so skinny because they can't help it. Like wtf! Why the hell do people think that saying stuff like is cool or makes them more superior than the other? You're just doing the same thing as the other person by making them feel bad so it obviously doesn't make you any better.

Everyone is beautiful. The girl above is beautiful. But saying stupid stuff to defend your low self confidence about another is just going to make you look ugly inside and out. Clearly, if you didn't like what someone said about you, going around talking about others just makes you the same.

Seriously just be healthy. Or do something about it instead of pointing fingers like a child. Or stfu about others if you really like how you look cause if you really DID like how you looked, what people say wouldn't even fucken matter. When you think about it, it's YOU who really label yourself.

Really needed to get this out of my system since I've been seeing these photos over and over and over and overrrrr about what's beautiful or not. So stupid >_>


Emi ♥ said…
Ah - I understand where you're coming from. I have nothing against whatever size people are, it's really the personality I like getting to know. Yeah I've seen a lot of those pictures around too...True on what you said, it's just silly and unnecessary. I think the worse for me is when people complain that they're fat...But they don't really want anything apart from sympathy words to tell them ''Oh you're not'' Just to comfort their insecurities - I find people like that attention seeking because I could be having a great chat with some friends then someone just goes off topic and says ''Oh I'm so ugly and fat...'' Just so people will compliment them to make them feel better.
Nikki said…
i agree with you 100%...

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