Rose water paint

Today I had nothing to do (after cleaning the house), so because I haven't touched my paint stuff...I decided to water paint! :D I like roses, so I looked at some photos for a visual and got to the sketching. I don't have water painting paper..I just used this thick paper board I had lol

And here it is finished! :D

I'm still debating if I want to add something in the background or designs..I'm just scared I might make it look "too much" or mess it up lolBut yeah!! :D I like it :) I'm not that good..but I don't think it's that bad for being the 3rd piece of water painting I've ever done lol


Baowser said…
I would've thought you drew this and colored it in. Amazing how you painted it!Love it!
Maria May said…
It looks amazing! Super pretty.
Chuy Yang said…
thanks girls!! :D

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