Beachy Beach first time this year

It's finally that warm time of the year which means...BEACHHHHHH.
It was also our brah Brian's birthday and he wasn't doing anything so I was likee, you go with us!

The beach was sooooooo packed but it's fun that way too in a way. We played volleyball-ish. Should have brought more people and went earlier so that we could grab a v-ball net lol Out of all the sports I like volleyball best..then badminton :3

So two of our people who were going with us decided to bike all the way there while Linna, Brian, and I were lazy and got a ride there LOL. While we waited for the other two guys, Tim (Bruce) and Rocky, we bumped into our friend Samuel who went to the beach alone because he was bored lol

This is Sam. Linna and I decided to make him into a curvy girl with big boobs and bottom!

Yeahh, the beach was crowded!!! There were A LOT more people walking on the sidewalk. Everywhere was packed

I like this photo of Brian. It was the only intense photo I caught!

And here Linna tried to give Brian a bikini sand. lol

Then Brian decided to show off some flipsssss.

OMG Linna I were like...okay stalking a little...these two cute couple! They were so cute :3

Then we have here the future Bruce Lee!

And...on our way back home, we walked around downtown. Missed majority of our buses...anndddd yeah took us 3 hours to get home LOL. It was fun though and thrillinnn :3

It was a great day. I already know I'm going to be hitting the beach A LOT this summer. Wooooo! Can't wait! :D


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