Being human

Sometimes I feel like I'm not myself. I sometimes worry a bit too much about what others would think of me and then I become...not myself.

I'm not perfect and I know that. Who I am will never be perfect to everyone, and it doesn't have to be. I need to remember that to myself. There is always something that's not perfect about someone or something someone does that someone doesn't like. Being a human myself, it'd be stupid to believe that other humans will do the same back when I know I can't accept everythinggg either...& it's completely okay! It's not a bad thing! Difference is good. It's something that could be explored and makes you who you are.

I guess this is more of a reminder for myself but I hope it help some of you too.
No matter how hard you try to not offend others because you are just yourself, it's impossible. Trying that hard to please others (humans), will only make them take advantage of you, seriously lol People will use anything, ANYTHING to get at you because us humans can be that evil.

So as long as I don't hurt anyone, well, nevermind I probably have because that's just life, we do things that we see is acceptable in our world while it could be hurtful to others, but I will always do my best to do a sincere apology if I do realize that I hurt anyone because I always want to aim to be the best nice me as I can.

I'm just rambling lool But I wrote this mainly because I feel like people can mistaken me for certain things because of the little things I say here and there or the things I do. But that's part of life and the criticism and judgements from individuals who see things differently from me. I'm learning to be okay with it since I have my own judgement on some things too. To truly live life, just got to take in the positives, and leave out the negatives that won't benefit me. I'm living for me, I only have about 80 years left to live, and I don't even know if I'll live it up either.

But yeah, be yourself sums this up. You know myself best and you know your intentions best obviously. Others are really just assumptions that doesn't define you or anyone.

I hope everyone have a great day and be yourself! Love yourself so you can love others ^^


YummyUbe said…
You're right nobody is perfect. Sometimes the best thing to do is stop worrying what others think and do what makes you happy. People will think whatever your happiness is stupid, awkward, etc...but remember They're them and you are you, it's their problem.
Chuy Yang said…
Yes..very true =) Thank you for reading! <3

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