Makeup or no makeup?

It pisses me off when people make rude judgments on people who chooses to wear makeup daily or almost daily. UHH, first of's a part of fashion as well as a lifestyle, and second, how about you not wear clothes to prove your point to me. To me at least, makeup is a lifestyle just like clothing.

There are people who think the body is art, which it is, and the face is art too. You're forced to wear clothes everyday because of society, but makeup is actually a choice because it's more appropriate, apparently, whether you have on makeup or not.

I especially hate lazy people who don't take their time to look nice yet they talk trash about others who chooses to live their life in a fashionable way. If you really like to be lazy n' yo ass be proud n shit, then you shouldn't have to go around saying stuff to make you feel better about your lazy ass. YOU choose that route to look scrubby, forever, and no one cares so that's probably why lazy people decides to fire up their mouth to get some sort of attention.

I can argue the same for makeup...some choose to use it everyday because it's their type of lifestyle. Some don't for whatever reason but no one says anything about it because there isn't anything to say! Okay! You have no makeup...great! Good foorrrr you! ...and? I'm sorry for your exposed natural canvas that is soaking up the nasty dirt flying around the air right now because you choose to not do your research to wear a proper foundation (or bb cream) as a barrier to protect it=_=...but that's a wholeeee other long story.

Regardless makeup or not, both have their own beauty. Natural is beauty, makeup is beauty. The girl below is gorgeoussss in both photos!!! Humans just make a bigger deal about nothing because they get bored I guess.

Point is, whatever you choose and truly believe in, don't go around saying shit to others that's different as if your proud cause that doesn't make you look cute.


This is so true! There comes a point when makeup is overdone and it's no longer "fashionable" nor appropriate for every day, but there is nothing wrong with wearing makeup daily! i hate leaving my house without makeup or lenses because i don't feel as confident or pretty. It makes me feel good and I like it, and that's no one's business but my own. No one around here wears circle lenses but I like them, so I do it daily.

Love you Chuy keep being yourself <3
Anna Ho said…
I understand how you feel. I have seen other "beauty" bloggers with "smaller" collections and they have a tendency to judge others for having "a lot" of make up. I tried going out with absolutely no make up on, and it wasn't anything to do with feeling ugly. It just wasn't me. I don't care if people think its too much. I think I look great with make up and ultimately I feel great and fabulous on the inside too. Just keep being you. My bf always tells me "they just mad" haha. In reality, a lot of people wish they can look as good/know how to even put make up on nicely. I go to school with bright pink lipstick or dramatic eyes if I want to. Anna don't care! ;D
Chuy Yang said…
That's the spirit! it's not even the makeup or clothes, it's just you being you! It just so happens that those things makes up who you are! <3

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