PROM 2012 :D *pic heavy*

Finally! I get to blog about the event after waiting! :D

It was so much fun and the best way to start ending high school. I went with amazing and fun folks ♥ It makes me sightly sad now that it's over. It's really hitting me that it's going to be over and everyone is going to be spread apart :(

For those who haven't read my previously blog post about Prom, I went with my guy friend Brian, he's NOT PHIL (my bf) LOLL. Phil is over the age limit which is 20. I could've snuck him but I didn't want him to get into big trouble and stuff..we were supposed to all have a friend couple but one couldn't go last minute so we have one without a girl BUT, it's okay because he's rebel. The only real couple is my friend Linna and her lovey Dylan :D

We have barely any formal photos lol Just couldn't take it seriously. Its okay though, we got the real moments! :D

During our limo ride, we did the chubby bunny challenge :3 The driver was laughing so hard xD It was fun :)

I think overall prom was amazing and memorable. The only thing I suppose I wished could've been better was the music choice. The DJ for my homecoming was better. He got the songs that you could dance to. I felt the DJ for prom had choose some awkward

Linna and I. She like a sister to me lol

Yay :)


Holika said…
awww such cute photos :3

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