Sakurina Sakurai Rina Inspired Makeup! ❤

Since I got the EOS Candy Magic Barbie King Size Circle Brown Lenses, I wanted to do Sakurina's signature look ♥ She wears these lenses often in her photos ♥

I think this look is very easy to achieve if you know how to work the eyeliner on your eye. Sakurina has dark eyeliner on the upper lashes which is very thick and she also have this thick eyeliner on the lower lash line plus false lashes of course. It's unique because she doesn't line the entire lower lash line nor the entire waterline. She lines only the lash line going into the inner corner waterline which gives her eyes this really unique doll look ♥

I also like this look because it gave me a good excuse to use some lashes that I had that's just laying around lol :P

The voice over I wasn't very pleased with but people kept telling me to do it D; I have a very badddd mic obviously LOLLL

Hope you likeee! :D


Baowser said…
I definitely loved it! The voiceover was pretty good. I've been hesitating about using voiceover in my videos, so therefore I won't talk so much in my vids if I just record myself talk. But definitely did a great job!
Chuy Yang said…
Thanks Bao x) I appreciate it <3

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