Why I haven't been posting up videos lately...

Since the birth of my little brother, my mother has been recovering from her c section. So being the oldest and a girl, I'm responsible for my mom and little brother. My dad has been working just as hard going to work, coming home to help, going out to get supplies, food etc. I have to cook for my mom especially so that she can regain her energy and sometimes the family too. My mom doesn't work anymore due to her hard pregnancy and her c section..so she watches the baby when everyone goes to school or work. She gets tired, so of course when I come home, right away I have to take the baby. If it's not the baby, its cleaning the house, cooking, family laundry, dishes, homework, or practicing my violin.

When I do get free time, I'm obviously so tired that I just lay around or play games lol

I'm trying to set time to make a prom video though..hopefully nothing too big will come up and not make that happen.

But yeah, that is my reason for my absences...I miss making videos and you guys :/


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