Braces off, cute stuff, & old friend

Recently I've got the privilege to go out more from my parents. I still have to respect the times they set for me, but I'm grateful they allow me to do things for the experience compared to some Asian families.

Today I was suppose to go to the mall to watch the Avengers with a few friends, but they couldn't make it so it was just me and my bro Brian. I wish Linna could go because I found this SUPER cute store at the mall and instantly thought of her lmao! but her parents are strict..and she went out a lot last month ;(

We took the bus to the mall, and as I paid up front and turned around, I saw my old middle school friend SAMUEL GRAF. ^-^ ♥ I was soooo happy. He's such an amazing, sweetheart, and kind person. I don't know how anyone could be mad at him seriously. Funny thing was, I saw him again on our way back home going into the bus again lol! Made my day! He was doing more fun stuff though after..beach bond fire D; I wish I could go but they were going to stay there all night...obviously I can't do that D:


I need to find time to make a video. I've keep feeling not pretty enough for videos now lmao. I want to talk about bracesssssss!! Maybe this week. Super slackin I know D;

I have to wear two on the upper and a clear one on the bottom. I'm suppose to wear them everyday but I'm gonna wear them mostly night time or when I'm just home, which is often so it should be okay. But at the least, every night for sure!! Don't want to wear braces ever again lol

So graduation is next Okay, MAYBE it did go by pretty fast...I did meet many great people towards the end of the school year..I still won't say I will miss high school. I will miss some humans that will be moving far away. AT LEAST I will still most likely see Linna. :D

But yeah...I'm excited. lol


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