Don't have to start over, just continue

As I quoted myself in the title above: "Don't have to start over, just continue." I live by that.

I see life as an experience, like literally. I could appreciate everything that has ever happened in my life, even the bad. I also don't live in regrets because of this belief. It's only bad if you make it, really.

In life, bad things happen. But don't forget, good things do happen too. We hurt, but we learn, feel, and experience. Everything is balanced and appreciating everything as one will make life simpler and less stressful. Realizing, accepting, acknowledging, understanding, and accepting whatever situation that comes at me, life can't do anything worse if I just accept it.

And this is what I'll say/do to life:

I don't know where I'm going with this post lol But no matter what happens in life, I want to just smile, get that it's just the way of life, accept the facts, and not start over, but just continue on with this interesting journey. It's all a big experience. I'm not sure if it's a dream, illusion, or whatever. Being 'realistic' just seems like a society thing that seems unreal too. IDK. LOL. The only option I have is to live and see what happens! haha.

But yeah, Don't have to start over, just continue :)


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