EOS Ice Brown Circle Lens Review

Hi :) It's been a while since my last circle lens review! Well, last post in general! Ha! :D But I'm back! With an awesome lens review :3~

The circle lens I'm reviewing today are the EOS Ice Brown Circle Lens~ These were kindly sent to me to review from http://www.maplelens.com They have all sorts of brands and colors to choose from! Many many many!!

Also don't forget, when checking out, enter "ichuyy" for a 15% discount code!! ♥

I actually made an account to order these and was very pleased with how smoothly everything went. Shipping was also very fast and safely packaged.

When I opened it, the lens came in this really cute pink box

Also, you get a cute animal lens case with any pair of lenses you get :3

This is how the lens looks like in the vail.

There isn't much design going on in the inside of the lens. Nor is there a thick black ring around it either like most circle lenses, but the funny thing is that it still gives a really big dolly look! lol Let's get down into photos to be more convincing.

I love love how they give a halo effect in the eyes. It's so pretty. My eyes look really glossy with these lenses and I love lenses that does that ♥

Some photos with flash, natural light, and normal photos with the lens on:

I would TOTALLY recommend these lenses. I think they're in between natural and not natural looking circle lenses...which is nice for any occasion then right?

In terms of comfort, these are fantastic so far. I don't know what it is, but EOS lenses are usually very comfortable for me for a long while.

My overall ratings for these lenses:


SIZE: Appropriate for style

DESIGN: Appropriate for style

What I meant my appropriate for style is that I accept that it's different for a reason because it looks nice in my eyes. Also meaning I don't judge it by it's design before it's in my eye, cause the whole point is how it would look like IN my eyes xD ...if that made any sense lol

There are also other colors for the ICE series from EOS. Check them out here!: http://www.maplelens.com/component/virtuemart/?page=shop.browse&product_type_id=6

I hope this review was helpful! ♥ Have a great day! ♥

- Chuy Yang


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