Straight Hair with Volume Tutorial/Story

Besides makeup, hair is something really important to me. Everyday I do my hair. If I don't do it right, or if I'm forced to go out with bad hair, I'll have a terrible day and drag everyone down with me. It's that serious lol. Honestly, I have to say that my hair is probably more important than wearing makeup. I do both everyday, that's just my lifestyle I want for myself personally, everyone can do whatever the heck they want, but I like looking nice for myself.

I just feel more "complete" and "clean" when my hair is done well and not all over the place and tangled up.

In this tutorial, I demonstrate my everyday hair, which is just straight hair and volume. I don't know why, but I get compliments ALL the time for my straight everyday hair. I do put effort in the straight hair so the compliments makes up for the time lmao

For me, I have frizzy, semi-wavy, and thin hair. My hair also naturally parts in the center in the oddestttttt way ever when it's dried from a shower, which is why in the tutorial I show the blow drying part. My hair is NOT as straight as it looks. Its wavy in an odd way and my hair flips outwards at different directions. Ewww. But yeah it's really important to blow dry properly. I use the blow dryer to direct my hair to a certain area that I need it to be since my hair naturally has a mind of it's own. It makes it sooooo much easier to flat iron and style when you get your hair to the position you need it to be. Also, as I showed in the tutorial how I used it to get some volume on the roots of my hair, that way teasing will be easier.

When I dyed my hair back to brown (previously caramel blondish), it was because I wanted to grow it out again so I can make big, cute and poofy curls like them gyaru gals. My top layers actually grew all the way to my shoulders. I was happy with the length, but gawwdd I had NO VOLUME WHATSOEVER.

I NEED my volume LOL. My mom is a hair stylist for those who don't know, so I picked up a lot of my hair habits from her. So having flat hair, I was sooooo not used to it that I had to give myself layers. It may seem like a lot of hair that I cut off, but I just thinned out my hair and gave myself lots of layers lol It felt sooo good!!

So that's a short story to go along with the tutorial. I was going to talk about it in the video, but I figured it would be too long and some people prefer to just get to the damn tutorial! Lol!

KQC sent me their best flat iron to review, and I totally agree. It IS a really nice flat iron for everday use. It's very light weighted and small enough to travel with, not to mention sturdy quality.

So here is the actual tutorial~ I tried to shorten it as much as possible since I not only talked about the tool, but blow dried, flat ironed, and went through the process of me styling my hair too.

Well, I guess that's a little something something to get to know me more. I do love hair, I do :D

I hope the tutorial was helpful to some of you! ♥


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