Sushi with Family for Graduation!

I'm graduating tomorrow! Yay! Finally! Been waiting for 4 years now D;
Tomorrow my parents need to go to a family good uncle passed away unfortunately..he's at a better place now that will appreciate his good deeds. So today, my family decided to take me out for some sushi since they can't do it tomorrow! yay

I haven't had sushi in sooooooooooooooooooo long. I was craving sea weed salad and the Godzilla Roll :3 MY FAVVVVV cause it's SOOO FATTY AND DELICIOUS.

My family, well, with my mom taking the photo lol

OH. This is random, but I did me nails bored last night D;

Well, let's get started with the food :3

Last but not baby Godzilla...

So delicious.


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