Blood Lust Makeup Tutorial & Dark Knight Rises :)

I was going to upload the video of the blog look I did (post under this one) but it won't turn into a video!!! Not sure what happened....I still have all the clips so I might try to remake the video again :D But in the mean time...I did a look using my favorite color red and tried something different with the eyeliner. Someone suggested the look to be called "Blood Lust", to be specific "Márki" did :) I did wanted the title to have Blood somewhere lol..

Here are the photos from the video in better quality than in the video:

And here is the tutorial:


So I saw Dark Knight today and it was pretty good =) Definitely recommend it if you saw the other ones. It's good lol I don't think I should say anything else..don't want to spoil hahahaha :D


Beautiful! You can pull off anything!!



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