GEO OL Brown Circle Lens Review (AngelContacts)

Today's circle lens review will be the GEO OL Brown Circle Lens Review kindly sent from

You also get a free clear case within the packaging ^_^ I love how their website presents themselves. It's very clean, refreshing colors, and professional!

This is how it looks like in the vail :3

Some Info from their website about the lens descriptions:

Diameter : 14mm
Base curve : 8.6mm
Center thickness : 0.04mm
Water content : 38%
Lasts up to 1 year after opening.

Majority of you know that I've tried many different kinds of lenses, and these GEO OL Brown lenses are the most natural of all lenses I've ever tried! They are 14mm, which is the smallest size circle lenses usually comes in.

I think these are great for anyone who still haven't tried Circle Lenses yet or are looking for something natural to wear with a very slight enlargement and interesting design that is visible at a certain lighting.

The lens CAN give a slight halo effect in the eyes :3

Here is a close up with flash to see the design. The brown with my brown eyes makes the lens a bit dark. But then again, it depends where you are!

Here are some photos of me with the circle lenses!! :D You don't need dramatic makeup or anything to match these pairs of lenses. They're perfect for everyday!


These lenses I get occasional itching. Then at times I feel like I can't feel them in my eyes XD


Like I mentioned before, they are 14mm. And the size is very natural suitable for anyone! ^^


The design is very simple giving a soft natural effect. I think it's suitable for it's purpose :D

The GEO OL Brown comes in four colors: Gray, Purple, Blue, and brown.

You can check it out here!

I hope you found this post helpful! Thanks for reading! ♥

- Chuy Yang


Rinnie said…
They look stunning on you! *o* The effect wouldn't be the same on my paler eyes, though...
Chuy Yang said…
aww thank you dear ^^
x-Fatalove said…
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