SKILLET Concert ❤

Where I'm from we were having a music festival and I had to go to at least ONE. I missed some really awesome artist..but I couldn't miss Skillet..I also just needed out lol Been trying to stay distracted as much as possible. Omg I think I love them x3029392579425384. They're amazing live and John can freakin SING live LOL. ♥

The awesome part was while we were waiting for them to start, they had some fireworks going on too as a pre-july 4th thingy since the concert was the day before it!! :D

I wish I brought my camera :(( I didn't think my phone would suck lol Fail. So this was how I intended to look all day, but it was a fail cause it got over 100 degrees and it was humid as fudge =__= It was hard to inhale at times because the air was sooo hot.

So I asked my friends Itzel and Mo if they wanted to go with me. I never met Itzel!!! I knew her though, online through a friend. We talked occasionally but never met!! She's super cute and pretty too! So yep :) Finally met her ^-^ ♥ *stole her pic cause again, my phone sucked LOL* And this was taken in the bus they had laying around in the area to cool off lol

It was sooo hot in there..the photo booth thingy >_> We squished ourselves in there and we didn't realize how zoomed the camera was either haha

OHHH!!!!!!!!!! How could I forget!

Okay, so we were standing on the tables of the picnic table so we could see the live thing and not the tv screen. And then this couple came and the girl asked if she could stand on the seating part of the picnic table..or whatever it's called lol So we were cool with it cause there was room. While we were listening and enjoy ourselves..the chick got even more drunk and kept falling on Itzel and I! She was like sorry sorry, it's the's wobbling, crooked, moving, shaking, etc and we looked at each other're just drunk haha. Her bf attempted several times to get on but he kept falling too since he was drunk, at LEAST he was smart enough to give up lol The chick just kept trying hahaha It was annoying as hell but funny now lol

We left the concert an hour early cause they had work and I was going to a family gather for july 4th really early in the morning. took us like 1 1/2 to get out of the parking place. Soo many cars going in and out >_>

We were also hungry...and really we decided to go to AppleBee's lol

I ordered Mozzarella Cheese sticks cause they didn't have my Wonton Tacos...:( Funny thing was, none of us really ate anything even though we thought we were hungry LOL I guess we were just sooo tired out from the heat and them working. I had only 3 hours of sleep the day before too lmao!

So yeah, it was nice to see my friend Mo too and to hang out again. It's been so long. Also, a lot of thanks for Mo's bf for driving us around too and being patient with the crazy cars around us haha


As for July 4th, I went up north with my family to meet a LOT of people from my mom's side of the family. It was nice seeing familiar faces again and to catch up with some. It was too bad I didn't get to go catch some real fire works back home, but it's okay. I still saw some at the concert at least :D

I'm crossing my fingers that I can go to KILLSWITCH ENGAGE'S concert..omg *_* That would be freakin amazing XD I also can't wait for Three Day's Grace's new album lmao Itzel likes them a lot too so for sure if they come around we're going, no questions :D

That's all for now :3 Thanks for reading!


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