GEO Nudy Grey Circle Lens Review

Hiya! I'm going to be review GEO Nudy grey circle lenses today that was sent to me for review from! ♥

These are one of my all time favorites because of the soft and beautiful halo effect from the gray. The NUDY series are quite natural and great for everyday wear. The Nudy series from the brand GEO has been around for a very long time, so saying that they're my favorite now, means quite a lot :p

They're 14mm which is the smallest of circle lenses which will give you the best natural look for anyone that's new to circle lenses or just want a softer look to their eyes!

Diameter : 14mm

Base curve : 8.6mm

Center thickness : 0.04mm

Water content : 38%

Lasts up to 1 year after opening.

These lenses comes in FIVE different colors: Blue, Brown, Gray, Green and Purple!

Find it here:

I love doing "dark" "smokey" looks with these lenses! Maybe because it's gray...and gray just makes it more mysterious and sexier...I don't know. what do you think?! Haha

In normal lighting, these lenses are not dramatic at all! But as you can tell from my photo above, that in brighter lighting, you can really see the halo effect and the little sparkles in the contacts! :)

For some reason, in flash photos, the contacts appear darker on me. I think it's because the flash picks up some of the darkness from my brown eyes and it comes off darker...but all well, I don't like flash photos that much anyways :P

I also found a random photo of me wearing them another day that shows the contacts prettyyy well :D

COMFORT: 3.5/5

I gave these lenses 3.5/5 because they do give me a random headache here and there. I've experienced this a few times wearing GEO brands, but I have some friends who have no problem with GEO. It really depends on the person.


I love the design! The size is also a nice size for a light enlargement. There are is a larger version of this series called "Super Nudy" which I believe is about 14.5mm. Good for cosplays I'd say :D

Where to get them:


Overall, I love these lenses and the effects it gives my eyes! I hope this review was helpful for some one of you! <3


Baowser said…
I've always planned on purchasing me a nudy grey pair, guess this ones the one to go.
Chuy Yang said…
Omgosh! :D If you haven't, you should definitely try Bao lol

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