❣♢ Good shopping day ♢❣

Today I went for some quick shopping at the mall mainly because I got a $40 cash back at Kohl's from my mom since she went shopping there earlier, I also won a 25% off coupon there as well so why not! I went to Kohls and got 2 pairs of cute wedges for a total of $10! BOTH PAIRS! They both retailed for $50 each which would total up to $100! When I bought them, one was actually on sale for $35 and the other $20. :3

I love wedges. They're comfy (perfect for school) and makes me taller lol I'm only 4'11 so the extra lift is always welcomed. I really love the brown ones. They just scream the season Fall ♥

I also did my nails again. I missed having claws and I'm sure my bf would appreciate having them as back scratchers. Nail polish: China Glaze: Heart of Africa

I went to Rue21, Deb, Wet Seal, and Charlotte Russe since they were having back to school sales yay! I'm not going to post photos of the clothes though..too lazy to wear them and take pics of them all haha Maybe I'll make a haul video?

But another favorite of my purchase today is my new wallet...

It's just sooo me...black...chic....studs....mmmmmm...it also have ruffles!! So yeah...I like it..

Well that's all for tonight. I need to get some sleep for tomorrow could be a long day. My bf happens to break dance so he has all these shows to go to and tomorrow is the State competition and it would be my first ever to see breakers all together lol And since his friend is hosting..well pretty much my bf's crew we have to go there early to help out and stuff I guess.

That means blogging tomorrow about it! lol Thanks for reading!


Abbie said…
What cute buys! I really adore those shoes, I can't wait to see you pull everything together!
Baowser said…
Totally love that Guess clutch!!
Keki said…
that's a really good shopping day indeed ♥

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