Lace Masquerade Mask

I wanted to do this look for a while..but I just KNEW it was going to take forever. I was planning to draw it out or something cause I wanted it to be detailed..but eh if I didn't do it then I probably won't do it so since today I didn't have much going on (AND MY CAMCORDER WAS BEING STUPID SO I COULDN'T FILM FOR A WHILE!!!!)...I did this!

So I couldn't film, cause again, camcorder..I'll fix it up or maybe have my bf check it out lol but here is the 'process' kind of xD

And here are the presentable photos! haha this was actually taken in my bedroom..on my bed. I literally shoved everything on the floor. It was nice having windows because it saved me from using too much electricity for lighting :3 Natural lighting FTW!

I'd say it took me about 1 hour and a half for the makeup. Again, I didn't even have a PLAN on how I wanted this to look to be completely honest lol I totally just went along with it. I wanted it to be swirlyish...lacey...around there.

The only thing I wish I did better was hide my eyebrows lol I got lazy and just drew over it. You can't really tell anyways so yeah xD


So today is my sweetie, Cody, and I our 1 month I swear it was yesterday I just uh..met him. I wasn't even sure that it was our one month that I had to ask him just to make sure lol

But yeah, I've been hiding him from everyone for a while..except for some close humans

We don't have that many photos...yet...knowing me and my camera...that won't be for long lol


Baowser said…
o0o0o, he's really cute! Yes! You have been hiding him! You must feature him in one of your videos! :)
Love your photos!!

And very cute couple!


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