Mini Random Photo-Shooting

This morning my mom woke me up saying "we're going to a nice park. You could probably get some photos taken there." I woke up with a face and got up right away lol I don't get to do my own photos outdoors often as some of you can tell..the parks around my area are small and not really interesting and unfortunately I can't drive yet..D:

I had no idea what I wanted to do for photos -.- and my mom was in a rush too for some reason so I just did whatever lol I saw blue first so I used that color...and I guess I went for a more goth look so I just went with that..haha

Here's a close up on the eye makeup. My brother actually took the photos for me. I told him to do some close ups but close up means head to toe, normal is me and the entire background LOL

And here are the best brother doesn't really know how to handle it so almost all of them were blurry...all well. He's really good with angles though lol

Oh my camera was also low on battery! Of course! The unexpected day to take photos outdoors LOL So we tried to conserve as much of it as possible..which was also why the photos were blurry because my brother kept taking a quick photo and turning it off right away lololololol XD

So yep. The rest of the day is a workout day and I'm trying to learn the OPPA GANGNAM STYLE song! >:D LOL


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