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Today's blog isn't going to be too exciting or happy of a blog I'm the online shopping type of gal mostly because during my high school days I was never really able to go out so I always ordered what I wanted and needed online. So much, that I started to suck at shopping in real life at that time lol I'd get lost in the store because I feel like it's soo cramped and everything is just everywhere and not laid out and organized like how it would be online.
Anyway, the point is. FedEx SUCKS.

If you don't know what FedEx is, it's one of those mailing companies like UPS, USPS, etc. I say this..because EVERY ORDER THAT WAS SHIPPED BY FEDEX, ALWAYS HAD SOMETHING BAD HAPPENING. It sucks that some companies choose to have fedex ship their items because it's such a waste when fedex doesn't do their job. But anyway, I think I only had FedEx ship my stuff about 4 or 5 times...I've been avoiding them but unfortunately some companies only offer shipping from fedex..and I..wanting a product...decides to go with it in hopes that FedEx won't screw up. Nope. Out of the 4-5 times that I got my stuff shipped by them, probably only once did it actually reached me It was a while back when this happened, but I remember ordering something and having it shipped to a whole different state. I checked my tracking and it said 'delivered' to wherever they choose to deliver it and I'm here thinking "WHAT THE FUCK?! Can they NOT read the fucken address? Or like...the STATE at the least?" Lol what the hell! Or maybe they just grab anyone from the streets to deliver people's packages that doesn't even know how to read. How professional!! AND the people from the company that I ordered from refused a refund or replacement because it wasn't "their fault" once the package leaves their hand. I hate it when they say that because it just makes you feel like you lost everything lol

That happened once thank god.

Some other times, I think twice, my package got "lost". Seriously? Oh, should I add, I JUST recently ordered something from Walmart and yep, they used FedEx, and the tracking didn't work cause guess what, the package was fucking missing! Ohhh surprise surprise! So I obviously couldn't contact FedEx cause what the hell do they care. I emailed Walmart about it and I wasn't mean about it...I know it wasn't their fault, they're just stupid for using FedEx. But you lose sooo much money and customer with FedEx seriously. I actually ordered two things from Walmart, shipped at different times because the items were at different warehouses..the other reached me perfectly fine cause that warehouse did NOT use FedEx but USPS.. and the other package, well like I explained earlier got "lost" because it was indeed shipped by FedEx. Walmart was great though, they refunded me BOTH my purchases. So I pretty much got the other item for free. But you see what I mean? The things you'd have to go through, losing some money to make your customer happy and still possibly risking that they'd be too scared to come back to you? lol =_____="

Another item that I haven't received yet were some glasses that I ordered. You know what, I'm sooo checking every online business their shipping methods before anything lol but yeah, they used FedEx, they were also out of the country, the glasses I ordered from. Apparently FedEx has this thing that happens when shipping out of the country called "CLEARANCE DELAY". Cause apparently, they tell most of their customers that it's because the paperworks from the company which you order from was not completed or something was wrong etc, but I think they only tell you that if you ask FedEx directly for an explaination. SO pretty mcuh you just have to wait for however long (I'm pretty sure long) until they get their shit straightened out so that they can continue shipping/processing whatever, or they may have lost the package and just wanted to prolong the problem. But uhhhh that's the stupidest shit I've ever heard. Going on the FexEd website they have noooo reasonable explaination or anything that would explain to their customer exactly what "clearance delay" really is, and we deserve to know where the hell our package is..Plus, shouldn't you get all that paper shit done before being responsible for shipping someone's package that THEY paid for? Not to mention, paid YOU to send? Ugh. Again, I think this happens mostly if you order from out of the'll most likely get a "clearance delay" from them. Otherwise if it's within the states, you're bound to have it lost, or shipped to someone else lol STUPIDDDD..don't use them I'm warning you! D:

Correct me if I'm wrong about the 'clearance delay' bull, but I still hate FedEx. They can't do anything right and I'm done with them lol

Have a good day everyone! lol


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