New Giveaway and Glameyez?!

Okay, so I received a message from a lady that claims to have worked in the cosmetic industry for over 17 years as well as for a cosmetic manufacturing lab that dealt with some brand names. She warned me about how Glameyez was selling 'fake' products that were not FDA approved. I mentioned in my video that since it was an eyeshadow 'pigment' that you can use it for multiple things such as LIPS. She told me that it was NOT save for the lips. She also sent me a link to her blog that explains more about their products as well as the effects it gave it her.

Her blog here:

So of course, this made me worry. I didn't want to just pounce on Glameyez out of no where too. I didn't really know the lady that emailed me all that well either so I couldn't really believe either, but I still most definitely didn't want to risk my skin.

With that in mind, I asked Glameyez if the products were safe for lip use and she said exactly: "Yes unless otherwise stated." Which it was not stated on the page for the individual eyeshadows from the zodiac sign. So I couldn't trust the product nor Glameyez. So I had to be honest to her about it, I mean she did send me products and that does cost her. I messaged her exactly:

"I have to be blunt, but I was notified by someone who has worked with the chemicals of cosmetics and informed me about some of your products. I thank you for your consideration of sending me the products, but I always have to be honest in my reviews. You do not have to sponsor the currently giveaway. I will still have the video up for you, but I will have another giveaway of my own. Thanks!"

And she responded back:

"if is amie , she has not she was a girl i blocked no one has ever had a complaint about my product i have never had a bad review and my glam girls haved worked with me for over a year. She is just a hater but is ok you do what you think is best."

So it turns out that they had history together. I decided to keep the video I made for her up just to keep my side of the bargain. The video itself IS an honest review before I found out about the product. It's a good product, but fake isn't acceptable.

I told her that I don't want her to sponsor the giveaway anymore. I don't know if amie is right or if glameyez is right, so I'll just do it myself :) Since I wouldn't want to have an ugly reaction to the pigments, I'm pretty sure my subscribers wouldn't either. That was the main reason why I choose to not have them sponsor it, I mean I could, but that's just evil to do that to you guys or anyone else.

I'll mention more about the new rules for the new giveaway details in the new video but in brief:

♥ You no longer have to subscribe to their channel & "like" their facebook
♥ You DO however have to be a subscriber of mines & "like" my public page

As for the new prize for the giveaway, I think a new palette sounds appropriate :D

It's the Too Faced Glamour to go Palette:

I also thought I throw in a lipstick since the palette is to go for your eyes and cheeks, what about the lips!

I choose NYX's Round Lipstick in Indian Pink:

Here is the video that you have to comment on about anything to enter! :))

So I hope this cleared up some questions about the giveaway and about what happened! Thanks for reading!


I think it's great that you wouldn't give away products that are harmful :) You're awesome Chuy, and I'm glad you have another giveaway for us ^_^
Mr Lonely said…
walking here with a smile. take care.. have a nice day ~ =)

Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

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