Random Happy Blog Post/Update

Ahhhh...It is October 1st!! Geeeeez I've had a life and struggling to live my cyber life haha I kinda miss it...

Well, so much has happened. Like I said, I've been having a life. It's nice! I'm loving the college life, I have a great family, a sweetheart boyfriend, and great friends ♥ I've just been seeking the good things in life and I've never felt happier.

So I actually drew my tattoo! This was a while ago, but I never got to posting it up on here. I might have other friends who are good at drawing to recreate it just so I have more to choose from..I mean it IS going to be permanent, so it had better look perfectly the way I want it to be, forever lol

Just yesterday I did my nails as well. I bought this cute pastel pink and it reminded me of my pink and black theme room...so yeah. Pink and black nails :3 It's a bit messy cause I wasn't really patient when I did it XD It looks decent in real life though at least :x

AHHHH! I also work at a Haunted Trail this year that JUST OPENED. I LOVE WORKING THERE! I'm acting as well as makeup artist for everyone and I love it. The crew is fantastic! And the boss is soo handsome and wickedly cool. My friend Matt and I came in the first day to get the application and small interview, but turns out we bonded sooo damn well with him we talked foreverrrr about the whole trail! We also came in a wrong day to complete our papers, but he gave us a VIP tour eheheheh :3

Saturday was our first acting night, for matt and I, and it was fun as hell scaring people. My makeup that day SUCKED cause I didn't think I had to wear a lot. but yeah, I lost my voice the next morning cause I was out for like 6 hours til almost midnight when it went down to probably 30 degrees outside. COLD. AND I SCREAMED AT PEOPLE OVER AND OVER AND OVER lol but it was ridiculously fun overall ♥ I can't wait for next weekend of scareeee!

At school today when I was browsing the food shop, I found TO GO NUTELLA!! OMFG! :D I was eating it during work in the office at school like a fatty..a happy one lolol ♥

With bread sticks lol It's like those asian YAN-YAN snacks that comes with strawberry cream or chocolate except this is nutella. I LOVE AMERICA, cause they give you a lot of nutella in this to go snack compared to the YAN-YANs lolol #fatty.

Not to mention, I also got new glasses. My parents were prolonging it and I just NEED new ones cause I've been having to wear contacts and my eyes have been suffering. I got a good ass deal on these too. Prescripted and everything for FREE, I only paid for shipping so only about $18!! It's NOT cheap either, the frames. They're thick high quality frames, you could just feel it lol My brother bought fake ones for his school play at dollar tree, and if you compare them, you'll shiet. They also gave me a free black sleek case and a kit to clean it. Woot! I'm loving what my $18 was doing for me :D CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR FIRST PAIR FREE WITH THE CODE: FIRSTFREEPAIR It's legit guys...I'm a living proof lol

Excuse the dirty glasses...lolol I've been studying hardcore with them on XD

So yeahhh random stuff haha I've done much more, but it'd be wayyyyy to random jumping from one thing to another. OH! I just got a new digital camera, a small one, not my big one, so that I can carry it around..and it'll be more convenient! I'll be able to blog more about everyday stuff with it lol

I've been able to see my BF Cody more often because of school too. He's going to leave me to Japan next year April to finish his last semester there :( Going to be gone half of spring and summer D: But yeah...don't wanna think about that yet haha but he's been finishing up his paperworks at school and I've been there to do homework, or edit photos with him. I can't believe it's almost 3 months with him. Eh, I feel like I just met him yesterday. I'm not exactly sure how to believe that I've been with him for a while lol Weirddd

But that's all for now :) OH I also changed my layout lol


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