Casey Legler, new idol!

I just read an article about Casey Legler and how she models as a male for photographs. As strange as it sounds, what she says does makes some sense, in the artist point of view I guess, to me...definitely excluding society's view lol It will not make sense at all.

But I could agree with her. I think it's quite fascinating how she could manipulate her body to showcase the figure of a male! She definitely has the art and talent to do so. Sometimes, great art needs a model just like that. The oddest may just fit perfectly.

Here's a video of her in an interview.

I totally admire her! She's proud of exactly who she is, she just have a large imagination and open mind enough to explore all corners! Not to mention proud and fearless to express in her artistic ways. Definitely cool!

Now I'm not saying that she has inspired making me male model. LOL. That's her take in art and her expedition. I have my own that I wish to journey and explore that perhaps not many has thought of either lol But what she did really inspired me, was her fearlessness to be who she is and to be proud of it.


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