How fake are you tag!

So my girlfriend posted this tag...and I thought the questions and topic was interesting to I'm going to do it! :D Here goes!

Have you ever had cosmetic surgery?
No. However, I had braces. The funny thing is, people don't realize this because they're so focused on the other parts of 'cosmetic beauty', but braces is just as similar to cosmetic surgery. How so? Because when you get braces, it doesn't just straighten your teeth, it corrects your jaw so that it can either be longer, slimmer, etc. And teeth reallyyyy have an affect on how your lower part of your face will look. My upper teeth previously was really high up near my nose making my upper lip stick out awkwardly. It's nothing major, but it was something that bothered me. Braces fixed that, as well as made my jaw/chin longer. So in conclusion, I guess it's anyone's own opinion to choose whether it's also a form of cosmetic surgery or not, but for me, all I know is that it's what I wanted and it made me happier. So I'm set! lol

Do you use fake lashes?
Occasionally. If I had the time to, I would wear them everyday. See, I don't wear makeup because I think I look ugly lol. To me, Makeup is like clothing. It's an accessory, decoration, for the face. Like a christmas tree, it's fine the way it is naturally, but with decorations, it adds a bit of spice. And with makeup, you can create different spices making it fun! I also enjoy early mornings doing makeup because it's so relaxing. It's like my zen time with music and just myself, like guys and their late night gaming lol

Do you wear a weave or extensions?
I don't. Extensions and wigs are fun though. Also like makeup, it spice things up so that everyday life would not be so typical and boring.

Do you use make-up every day?
Yes. As I stated before, it's like clothing for me. I'm also the type that likes to look nice everyday, for me. That's lifestyle. I like looking nice, I like living nice, I like eating nice. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it. You could live not looking nice if you want, I'm not judging. lol

Would you consider cosmetic surgery?
I have considered enhancing my nose and jaw and chin. But it's not necessary...I also do not want to go under a knife...too risky and scary lol. I have people who accept me for exactly what I am. And no one is perfect. We're NOT SUPPOSED TO BE PERFECT. And you know what, that's why we are perfect. I'm a hypocrite because I got braces, but hey, society haven't considered it as a cosmetic surgery so...yeah lol Even if they did...woopps!

Could you live without make-up?
Yes, if it didn't exist. If you were to think of it as technology, and your iPhone, you'd probably say you can't live without it because you've seen it's art, you've experienced the difference it made in your life etc. It's going to be almost impossible to go back :p Notice I said almost, it's still possible, just not for me because even if I did stop, I'll know makeup still exist and that's like saying how you got a smartphone, quit, but now suffering :p

Do you wear fake nails?
I do once in a blue moon. They are so fun and pretty!! I'd love for them to never break on me lol I do play instruments I can't really have them :(

Do you dye your hair?
Yes. Quite often. Again, it's like clothing. I need to change it up from time to time!

Do you use a sunbed?
Nooo. I do not believe in direct skin cancer.

Do you use selftanners?
Nah...I personally think it's too much of a hassle. I'm lazy enough just using regular lotion lol I'm already tan enough anyways lol

Do you have tattoos?
I do not! I WILL EVENTUALLY. I think tattoos are beautiful. Some. It's like art pieces. Not all art pieces are appealing to me...same with tattoos, but that's why I'm getting what I want yeah? lol I'm going to get multiple tattoos on me. I'm the type that when I make a decision, it's a sealed on decision. I'm not really one to regret either. So knowing that, I got a tattoo that I've been wanting for a while that represents me quite well. :3

So in conclusion, how 'fake' do I think I am?

I don't think I'm fake at all. I think...society is fake.


Meggo said…
That last sentence. Very well said. *claps*


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