Muse is my favorite alternative rock band. I was listening to them as I did this look lol But I suppose the word itself is suitable. I was planning to rest today because I had a LONG ASS WEEK. But I couldn't let myself just sleep when I could be messing with my makeup and photos.

Inspiration? I'd say simple beauty, darker setting, red lipstick.

I never really played with lighting...honestly photography I don't think I'm that great lol I'm not very knowledgeable of it at all, but today I played with the angles of the my lighting and switching things's really cool how a certain angle of lighting or color could change the feel of an image dramatically.
I also had another splendid photoshoot with my friend Melissa for her baby's christmas photos. Did them indoors and got some cute ones! She's super cute but can be quite difficult hahaha but aren't all babies!! Can't wait to finish editing. I have so many more to edit from my cousins as well.

Tomorrow, Monday, will be a long day. But will be productive, school, work, edit lol


Baowser said…
The photos give off a sexy and a very erotic feel! Love it!

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