Break Dancing Shows

I'm quite proud to say my bf break dances. It's such an amazing talent to acquire and sadly, I did not see break dancing this way before lol. I thought it was some street gang stuff hahahaha! Just completely being honest lol The first show I went to, I actually helped out a friend from my bf's crew since it was a show he set up himself for our state. So I helped with cashier and organizing the crews...I didn't really get to see the action but it was fine because I'm glad I could help XD The second show I went to, I saw MOAR!! It was so cool D: I did youtube searches and I was blown away. In person, you'll be even more blown. It's so much strength, dedication and just everything! SOOO COOOOOOLLL.

I have so much more respect for it. It's also just a great community of positive and supportive people that motivate each other to do better personally, or as a group. Anyone who comes will have a great time just to hang and watch some amazing people. I also LOVE bboy beats lol I think it has this positive energy in the songs that just prevents you from being unhappy and

So I found some photos from the show. They were taken by Hype Photography and they take pretty cool pics!! Check them out!:

So...just for prove that I went...try to spot me lololol

And here is a shot of my bf's crew. (bf far right). Not the handsomest photo of them, but funny how the photography actually got them all in the photo lol! They cuteee
The show took place at my friend's university which was about an hour away from where we lived. I got to hang out with her for a bit too since I missed her so! We've known each other since elementary :D

So yeah, I thought I post about Break dancing since the bf is out at another show but I couldn't go because I had a bunch of family gathers for Christmas :) So it's okay. I'll see him tomorrow so yay! lol

Oh man, about Christmas. I'm so excited. It's going to great with families and loved ones. Everything planned well and gifts are everywhere!! Going to be one of the best Christmas! ♥


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