I'm late, but hey, YAY!

So like the title, I'm probably real late, but YAY :D My cousin got me the naked 2 palette as my early birthday gift.
I agree, she is quite the beauty. However I do wish they had more matte colors to blend with :/ I use "tease" to mostly do the blending stuff. It's not my favorite color in the palette to use alone, can't really even use it on the crease because the color isn't deep enough. All wells! I like how the palette is mostly bronze warm colors. Now besides high end makeup, I also fell in love with ELF's matte lip color and lip balm! I got the lip color in red and lip balm in nude. They're pigmented, effective, and affordable! I'm going to have to try out the other colors too!

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❥anyajang★ said...

i still dont own naked palette~ its too expensive for me><

Chuy Yang said...

I know :'( Put it on your Christmas list! hehe ^__^

Anna Ho said...

Naked palettes are too boring for me. I like their other palettes though!

Chuy Yang said...

yes ^^" they are very neutral indeed ^^ i like those colorful ones too hehe

Sharlynn said...

Those shades are sure gorgeous but I'm looking for the lorac pro palette for my nudes! Hope you have lots of fun using it! I actually love shimmer!

Chuy Yang said...

I'm eyeing that lorac pro palette too!! Goodness! hehe!

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