My Christmas!!!

Hello ^-^

So I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! Because I did! :D It was also my birthday on the 24th, and that went great too. Actually, our family celebrated my birthday and christmas together so that on Christmas day everyone could do what they want lol

My mom hired a photographer to capture our dinner, so those will be up later ^-^

One of my fav part about my birthday was when the bf came over for a bit. He also had a family dinner that night so he couldn't stay til our dinner. He brought my birthday presents to open with him before he left <3

He got me a hello kitty shirt along with an iPod touch!

Also that couple pillow case in the photo above ^_^ then he got me a cd with all of my fav band Muse and their album!!!!! Yayayayay

So my two aunties are so awesome they got me each a naked one palette! Lol so I got two.. I gave my mom one lol

But yes now I have them both!!! I don't think I'm gonna get the new one just cause there hasn't been that great of a review on them plus 24 shadows is a lot especially for neutral colors lol

I got too much this year not even cool lol like I am so happy and grateful but damn lol I hope everyone liked the gifts I got them too!

So pretty we had a formal Christmas dinner with the family. Mmmm! Again, I shall have the formal photos posted son when we get them ^^

Christmas Day my family and I decided to just have a small dinner within our family and just relax. I made for dessert cheesecake Ina cup idk what it's really called but its pretty much cheesecake in a cup haha super yummy!

And I totally forgot to get some good shots of our dinner but this xD

After that, I met with Cody to exchange our gifts since we didnt get to see each other Christmas. He got me a Sebastian life size body pillow lolol and the butler watch and Cecil's family ring. Also a cute panda pillow!!!!

Lolol so cute. I got him one of the original gundum action figures the one where u have to build urself. Then a one piece art book with illustrations of the characters and whatnot, a new wallet, a chibi from one piece (I don't really watch it so idk but apparently she's the mermaid luffy fell in love with lol) then got him a luffy iPhone plug haha

So yeahhhh the year is ending quite well. And from here and out I feel like it could only get better. I have net some of the coolest and nicest people the last half of this year. I'm truly blessed and grateful.

I hope you all had a great one too!


Meggo said…
OMG that Sebastian pillow is totally awesome!


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