Random post! WEE!

I .............pretty much live at school now. LOL. Ugh only way I can really focus :(

I can't believe the semester is ending already. If felt longish, but super short at the same time! I must say, college has been a great experience so far. I've met many many new people...and even those that I only met online, now in person!

I'm taking a class during winter. Just one that's about 3 hours, so it's not gonna kill me. YAY...

So since semester is ending, and final exams are soaring at me as well as projects...it's crunch time! So I've locked myself in the library just studying...

I was going to see Cody today, but like I said, it's crunch time and I need to get everything sorted out. I can't miss a thing. So he sent me this photo and I thought it was so cute and silly. This is what he does to me to make me feel bad and second think...lol NOPE! Sorry babe!

So yep. I'm poor too so I'm packing lots of home food stuff lololol I've suffered and starved and I don't really enjoy it...so yeah. Lessons learned. Must eat! >___<

It's almost 2am...thought I just post something real quick so I'm not completely deadish. I've been taking mostly naps too lol! I don't remember what sleep is anymore D; LOL

WELL, GOOD NIGHT! :D Good luck to everyone with school!


Baowser said…
Lol! That is super cute! At least you're always on his mind too. :)

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