Girl day!

I finally got to reunite with my gurlfriend Linna!!! It's been almost 2 or 3 months that we were separated
I visited her at her nail work place and she did me nails :3 I at least wanted to give her tip but she being complicated xP so I feed her instead...

But my nails!!!! If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen it lol so cute and matches my outfit :3

Then we opened our presents we got each other since we didn't get to see each other :x

This was why I wore for the day ish...

As for the New Years, spent it at my friends place with the bf's crew and some other people lol

This be my makeup! I filmed a tutorial but I think all the files got corrupted ugh again!!!! I put so much work too idk if its just my computer but its starting to make me mad :(

But yeah happy new year! Lets make it a great one!!!!


Angel said…
I'm nominated you for the Liebster Award

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