Half Year with the Love

Yesterday was my boyfriend Cody and I our half year together :) We spent it well since I won't see him for our one year together since he'll be studying in Japan :( Anyway, Spent the day together then later went ice skating because I wanted to go ice skating lol Cause we never really do much but be fatties at home and watch anime...lol... My outfit...
Us together. I made the photo look more asiany in this one lol
Drinking yummy stuff time~
And babe got me some cute hello kitty plug stoppers for my phone, cuteee :3
So yeah, the crew was supposeeeed to come lololol but they got lazy. Well Tuy and Bui came (Crumbles/Fazy) or at least stopped by then went to school for practice lol But yeah, it was a good day. Love my sweetheart :)


sincerely,bao said…
Your bf is leaving to Japan? Aww, thats sad. Long distance is hard, but its only easy if you guys have faith in each other and keep the love strong. You look lovely in your photos!!! :)
Chuy Yang said…
Yeah I would know what long distance is like lol Cody might be the only struggling hahaha! Thank you Bao. You and your love stay strong too <3

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