Lioele Beyond and Triple the Solution BBCream Review!

Hi makeup ladies!! I just got my order for the Beyond the Solution BBcream by Lioele and figured I do a review on them both for comparison.

I ordered mines from which I did a video review on their site as well as other products if you want to check that out :)

Okay! So here's the two bb cream and the packaging for the beyond the solution. Both bb creams pretty much have the same packaging.

The beyond the solution bb cream comes in more matte/2-d design whereas the triple the solution came in a more shiny packaging.

They both have a pump to get the product out which is love! It makes it so much easier. The pumps are easy to push although if you push all the way, you will get a lot of product out. I pump like 1/5 of it and if I need more I just pump a little but at a time so that the product won't burst out lol

Okay! As for the actual review of the products!
Starting off with the Beyond the Solution BB cream! ♥

This BB cream, compared to the Triple, is liquid-ier. The coverage is great and the the color is a bit darker between the two. This bb cream does not have SPF, protection from the sun. So it's great for flash photographs. The applicantion is very smooth and can be layered to build coverage. This bb cream feels more like a regular foundation.

A con about the beyond the solution is that for me, it feels like it slides of my face easily even with powder. In the summer time especially it's not a bb cream I would wear if I know I'm going out. I'm also extremely oily so it isn't any better. Hence, I use it mostly for photos. Overall, despite the con, it's still a great BB cream!


Now for Triple the Solution BB cream~

The Triple the Solution BB cream has a thicker and stickier texture due to the SPF included in it. It contains up to 30 SPF protection from the sun. I'd say this one functions more like a bb cream should because it has whitening and wrinkle care as well as the SPF like how BB creams usually have.

The color is lighter than the beyond. The application is thicker and stickier which gives great cover despite the lighter color and the product feels like it sticks on the skin better. I'm more confident with this BB cream that it doesn't slip off my face. Although it's a bit lighter than my skin, I just use bronzer or contour my face to even the highlights and contours of my face so it's no problem!

I don't use this one for photos because of how high she SPF is. Usually if it even have 10 SPF I wouldn't use the bb cream/foundation. The light really reflect off the face casting an odd pale look in the photograph.


Here are two photos to compare the colors:

The Beyond the solution was actually my second purchase, so yes..I like these two Bb creams a lot ^______^

Thanks for reading and good luck! :D ♥


The Fu Fai Gai said…
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The Fu Fai Gai said…
i bought the beyond solution bb cream recently and its fab! never wanna miss this in my life again :D haha
Chuy Yang said…
AWWWW!! <333333333333 I'll try to post more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Emi ♥ said…
Nice!!! This BB cream has such a cute packaging!!!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing.
I heard there was CC cream? I've never used it before and dunno the difference, any advice?

Love Emi

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