Hiiiii :D

My cute case came in ^____^

I waited so patiently for it lol
I also found this super cute lock photo for my lock screen!


Ive been ridiculously sick. Like no joke. The other night i had crazy chills. I had 6 layers of tops and 4 pants/sweats socks and even ear muffs... Then when trying to sleep i had 5 blankets on top. Even that i was still shivering like crazy until the middle of the night when i start to sweat it off lol

It was so fucken gay cause i had an exam the very next day and i did not want to skip out lol no duh. So i made sure i sweat that shit off that night :x im taking one winter class and prolly not doing it again especially if i have to take 2 hour bus to get to school also with it starting early in the morning and i am not a morning whatsoever. On top, it's COLD AS FUCK! So get sick too especially germs from all the strangers on bus :( No fun!!!!

This flu was terrible guys D; avoid it at all cost!! Yesterday and today and i coughed a bit of blood as well as blew out blood from my nose @___@ terrible...

So since i sick i have been watching anime, specifically One Piece lol and sleeping...i want to recover asap...

Also! Tomorrow i doing a maid cafe photoshoot with a friend that owns it. We made a christmas video last year! Ahh! Its for anime con in our city and im going to be working there lol cant wait!!!!

Here is the vid!

I know...I'm SOO SHORT!! My bf was one of the butlers too lol yay. SO YEA!! I'll have the photos posted soon whenever they're done XDOMG I'm gathering my outfits for the anime con too..SO EXCITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


UsagiTan said…
O____O my phone is also that picture
Chuy Yang said…
sincerely,bao said…
Omg!!! You are sooo cute!! Gosh, I wish i lived in your city. You look very kawaii in that outfit!
Chuy Yang said…
Milwaukee is great ^__^ Any chance you got come visit ^_____^

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