2013 Thus Far~

Okay So it's kind of late but I thought I haven't updated so yeah lol

WELL...................a lot of stuff happened I guess XD Geez, this is why I should keep track cause I forget. Anime Con in my city is coming up soon next week! I'm super excited!! We've been getting ready, having decoration meetings and other meetings but it's fun :)

Oh yeah, I cut my hair lol I guess that's the biggest news XD

I didn't feel a sense of regret or mourn over it. I've done it before 4 years ago lol I did it also just because I've been to busy to deal with it in the mornings. I wake up at 5 in the mornings and since I don't usually do anything with my long hair anyways but wash, blow dry, straighten, occasionally curl, might as well. It takes up too much time. And my hair isn't the typical Asian hair where it's thick enough to not look retarded, bent, oddly waved,...my hair alters itself according to it's desires throughout the day so it also just starts to feel pointless waking up to fix it when it's hopelesss =_______="

Short hair is so fun too!! Just blow dry upwards and straighten here and there, hair products quickly all over done!! It could just be me and my specific hair lol

It's nearing the time where people leave me :( My good friend Matt is leaving to the army towards the end of February. We've yet to get a tattoo together. My bf is leaving the end of March :( And bf's friend that I've hung with a few time is also leaving this week. They've been childhood friends and neighbors so I can't imagine lol But yeah ;( So sad. I'm gonna miss my baby so much ;((((((((((((((((( I already miss him and want to be with him right! this! instant! LOL. Lord help me ;-;

I should be able to record my cosplay look next weekend. I have a few vids that I have recorded last year and one this year, but each time something different that's bad happens to them and I'm so close to giving up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The file either got corrupted, have stupid lines across it, or my program fucks it up when I try to make it. And believe me, I tried and created/filmed 4 vids the past months. Filming isn't easy..and it takes a long time..and to have it ending up just not working out..is very frustrating lol..

So it's almost Valentine's day...:D And I'm not forever alone LOL jkjk. I'm excited to see what cody have in store O_O Also excited for him to receive my gift!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :3333333333333333333333333333 I'm always more excited to get him something than to receive from him. We both spoil each other *______* <3

It's been overall a great year so far :3 I'm excited...I just keep getting excited O_O <3


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