Anime Convention 2013! (PHOTO SPAM)

SOOOOOOOO Anime convention in my city finally CAME!!!!!!!!!!!! YEEEEEEEEEEEE!

It was soooo much fun. I'm so glad my friend asked us if we wanted to work with him. My friend Carl was one of the founders of Maid Cafe (Hoshi No Yume No Cafe) and he asked if Cody and I wanted to help. OF COURSE :D I'm glad we did because you could only do so much at a convention lol Walk around, see stuff, game room, see cosplays, get bored shortly after lolol

We were located at the top of the hotel and it had an AMAZING BEAUTIFUL View omfg <3

This was the night before the first day of the con when Cody and I stopped by after our epic Valentine's day date seeing the Distant World's Final Fantasy Concert!!

I suppose...I could start off with the Valentine's day lolol
So Cody told me a month in advance that he had something planned for that day and that we can't go lol So I was really sad, but not cause I would much rather do something special with him. And then the day came, and he present to me a bag full of stuff. First LUFFY socks lolol and another pair of converse socks stockings xD, then a cute hello kitty tote, a necklace, anddddddd........TICKETS TO DISTANT WORLDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lollolol I was O____________O

US! ♥ DAWW We so happy

But yeah right after that, we went to the hotel to just help out with decorations and to just hang around a bit.

Some decorating process at Emily's place. Photos taken by magnificent, Carl lol :p We made ruffle ball thingys with tissue paper lol I made the menu for this year. I wish I did something else, but they worked perfectly :P

The view at night is glorious. SO gorgeous D: <3

Okay, these photos probably can't justify it's beauty. But it was beautiful.

The next day! Nice and bright :)

Then everyone getting ready, including my baby. He's getting all fancy with his fancy ties. Trinity and Eldredge tie! Bew bew BEW!! As he would say hahaha ♥ I love that goof.

This was at the back of the kitchen. Roxxanne working hard preping the food for us to take out. NOM NOM CUPCAKES!

It sucked cause towards the end, we ran out of so much food lol All well, our sexy maids and butlers made up for it BAHAHA ;P

Also in the back we had our maid outfits to change into.

Just some sneaky photos of some of our butlers. Cody talking to Carl and Caleb fixing some wires for our sound system.

After our shift baby and I went out to see stuff. He went as SANJI that day from one piece XD He makes a very nice Sanji, I mean, MY SANJI lol

Then of course when you go to a con, you have to buy SOMEthings...


Honestly, I was pretty much "OMFG SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL" the whole time there. lol

On the last day some of us decided to do some cross dressing. Went well :D


And then the same girl and me! :D They were super nice ♥

Me and my sweetheart! I think...he went a little tooooo original with his costume that he doesn't even know which character he was doing anymore HAHAHAHA It was supposed to be Sasori from Naruto. His mommy cut the sleeves so that it's different. Which it looks nice, then he decided to not do the wig, skipped out on eyeliner, and wore saringan contacts. I like it......

I only did ONE cosplay. And I pulled out some stuff last min lololol *lazy* And the bob wig was weird O_O But all well. People still gave me hugs and stuff so yay.

The other days I just went as a bunny and a cat lol Wear-able cosplay I guess?

Found a friend's photo of us. Geez...I'm a shorty...

Relaxed a bit at Caleb's their crib in the hotel the second last night. So tired @______________@

:D Photo of us the last day. Nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu ;(

Oh and this wasn't from the con, but my baby gave me a zoro wanted poster! :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD OMFG.

Hung that shit right away on my wall ♥

One of cody's customers drew him hehe :D

So yeahhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was quite an eventful and fun weekend. Deff doing it next year. Throughout this year I'll be helping them with stuff to prepare for it. So technically it's not over! :D Maid all year round!


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