HI!! :D So previously I made a quick post about how I chopped my hair off without any feels given. I wanted to dye my hair purple for a while, even if I had long hair, but now that my hair is short, it's much easier AND I would use less hair dye, saving MONAYY!

So I actually dyed my hair myself this time because the mommy is busy with baby. I figured it would be easier as well since it's short hair. SO, I bought the hair dye brand "SPLAT" in the color Lusty Lavender.

It comes with the bleach powder and the liquid thing to mix with and they dye itself. This is the first time I ever dyed my hair by myself...and I'm a perfectionist when it comes to hair. Not just hair color, but everyday I MUST have nice hair..nicely styled. I talked about me and my crazy hair self in another post about me styling my hair with a video tutorial here: http://ichuyy.blogspot.com/2012/06/straight-hair-with-volume-tutorialstory.html

But yeah, I was scared lol So I mixed the bleach stuff. All you had to do was pour the powder into the bottle of chemical and shake it. Easy enough. Then...applying it...

My hair had black dye on it. And my roots has grown out quite a lot since then. Some people forget this, but the natural hair on your roots pick up color A LOT faster and more dramatic than the part of your hair that has any type of dye on it, because it's 'virgin' hair that's growing, meaning it hasn't been exposed to any hair dye chemicals.

It was hard for me to part my hair in half to being the application because I had so many layers so I attempted to get the tips/ lower half of my hair all around my head before touching up on the roots. This is to give the lower half more time to process because it has black hair dye on it. The process will take longer because the bleach has to rid of the color. Then I went with the rest of the dye on my roots. According to the instructions on the package, it says for dark brown to black hair, leave it for 50-60 minutes. The smell of the bleach was a bit strong, but I didn't mind. It was itchy as fuck though!! Could just be because I haven't bleached my hair for a while. Bleach usually itches lol

So here is a photo of me and Goku, Naruto hair self LOL. I felt cool...and my brothers really liked it just cause I looked like Goku XD

Goku lookin' ass I know ;P

Then next would be the actual color!!! PEW!

So my lover said if I could keep some blond. So I tried that as you can see. In the end, the color bled so much when I tried to wash it off that it got some stains on the parts that I didn't want color on T_________T All well. This was the first time I applied color and washed result:

Sorry for weird photo. I couldn't find good lighting to show the two colors hahaha But yeah..the purple was a bit faded and golden ish from the dye. It's much harder to color Asian hair I swear T__T

The next day, I decided to buy another to really dye it purple. I wasn't really happy with the first result.

I was actually finally satisfied with the color enough to not feel "eh" about it lol That same day, I figured I do some makeup stuff since I haven't for a while. I've been watching a lot of One Piece and been obsessing over Final Fantasy stuff after the concert, so I guess I somewhat took that as inspiration. I love all the OP and Final Fantasy characters. They all are so unique and have their own feel..if that makes sense. Instead of replicating a character, I tried creating my own ish lol Idk. I also just wouldn't have the clothing for the characters haha

For this look, I wanted to try a cartoony, very thick usage of eyeliner 'drawing' on my face and tribalish look.

Here are the presentable photos I took of the Makeup Look and Hair:

I must say, I'm very narcissistic about my hair in these photos LOL. It was effortless despite the how complex it may look, gosh I love short hair n___n

Some random photos taken on my ipod touch5:

Lol I look crazy in some. But yeah. Not my most 'creative' but I do like the concept and the inspiration I found.

Idk if I should do a tutorial for it yet...I've yet to do one for Black Star Rock Shooter. O_O We'll see!!!


I think it's a great product considering that you could get at Walgreen or CVS for about $10. I have short hair, and I used two boxes though. So if you have long hair, you might want to try two as well and possibly prepare to get three. The product itself is great! The dye is extremely concentrated. The only complication I had was my own hair since it is dark Asian hair which takes more strength n stuff to deal with lol I might wanna try pink next! I'm going to go hair crazy. Why not...because when I get old it would be weird lol But honestly, that wouldn't even stop me haha ♥

Thanks for reading!!!!

- Chuy ♥


Lucy Hart said…
Uuuuh I like it! You look great with the short hair too! n__n When I read the title I was like "Oooh my gosh, she dyed it lavender!" soo... this colour was kind of a shock (in a good way). I really like it and I like how you left parts of it blonde. It looks very professional. I Love the make-up too and I can't wait for your black star tutorial! ^-^
Love, Lucy~
Audrey said…
I really want to dye my hair! That brand has normal colours too, right? ^^ + how do I take care of my hair when I dye it? Since I get a lot of split ends when I attempt to dye my hair. :S

Btw, the hair looks super cool and amazing! 8) Makeup looks good!
sincerely,bao said…
I really love it! I know I tell you this all the time but you are very creative and inspirational! I definitely want to try something unique as this! :)

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