Illinois Trip! Mitsuwa, Friends, Driving, Japanesey things!

Ohayougozaimasu ! :3 


So it's been half a week of spring break for me so far. I haven't planned to do much, but on my top list is to definitely spend time and do things with my lovey because he's leaving this Monday to Nagasaki Japan for a semester of school :( So that's 4 months D: I know, some have it worst, but it's not wrong for me to incredibly miss the love of my life or else something would be wrong with me in this relationship lmao Also, it's not like I've never been in a long distance relationship for those who forgets and keep preaching to me about it =___="

Anyways! With that said, I demanded that we do something a bit more extravagant (sorta not really lol). I just wanted out from my state and everyone there too.  Illinois worked since it was close enough, not too far, plus I haven't been there since ACEN, (Anime Central) which was about 2 years ago. Cody mentioned Mitsuwa, a Japanese Market place and yes of course I want to go!! His friend Adverse, who we later met up to pick up an order Cody made from him, texted "Why are you going to fake Japan when you're going to REAL Japan in less than a week?!" lol I guess, but was that or doing nothing! Hahaha

Soooo! The first thing set up in front of the entrance in Mitsuwa, were tables of MAGAZINES and some MANGAS! Foe lyke a dolla mannnnnnnn! I was like wtf and started scrambling through them all like a squirrel. At that point...I just grabbed what I saw appealing since it really was just a dollar each. They were recent magazines too just a few months old like from December and November issues in 2012. New and errthang.

I Had to get the beauty magazines, no duh, and of course my Jrock <3

There was also a small Kamisama Hajimemashita calendar in the manga yay! Cody got a few, like a cosplay one  that'll be in my hands soon to watch over when he's in Japan lol So yeah, I feel like I stole these cause they were so cheap! I would've gotten more but the rest of them weren't so cool lookin...maybe next time they'll have more :3

They sold food and stuff, pretty much they were like a Japanese Target lol Although I am Asian, I'm an American, and foreign things fascinates me no matter how Asian my blood is lol I'm saying this because CHECK OUT THESE PADS N BATH STUFF IN JAPANESE!

Holy shittzzz. Okay I'm exaggerating a little bit. But seriously, I am a fucking sucker for anything cute. I walked down the aisle for kitchen cleaning and stuff, their packaging were so damn cute I'd like BUY the hell out of it LMAO They could easily sell off of me ;-; In a way, I'm glad I don't live near there lol

The best part was, they had dolly wink and other drugstore makeup from Japan here! I was just happy I saw it being retailed in an actual store and not online where I did all of my Asian shopping. I didn't buy them, just cause I could still get it cheaper somewhere online haha

OH, and they also have Palty hair dye. I guess THESE would be the reason for me to live close so I could just get hair dye stuff I wanted in a flash when I need it lol

Pretty neat they had a Shiseido counter too AND BB Cream from Asia. Lol told you so, I was just really stroked that I'm seeing this in person haha.

Bought a few snacks and then ate at the cafe area. Found this guy! hehe

Caught Cody off guard. lol 


After about an hour and a half at Mitsuwa, we headed over to his friend Adverse's 'den'. He owns KWOC (Kings Without Crowns) which is quite a brand for Breakers, such as my bf. His stuff is pretttttttttttttttty DOPE. Love his style. He prints all the stuff himself and runs it himself. This guy is what's up when it comes to WORK HARD. *clap clap* Since you read this far, how about checking him out yeah? ;)

Like dayumm cool stuff yo :O

After that we went to Chinatown. I've been there a few times, but I was younger so I don't really remember. It was just like...a lol Cody been to China before, said the smell was quite similiar haha. Somehow I didn't remember to get much photos here. Too busy running in and out of each and every store on the block. We did find this romantic chain! "Always love you until the forever love" <333 lolololol

I also bought myself a Fruit Tart ^__^ Cody got a Coconut Tart which was ubbbbber yummy...but he ate it before I could take a photo lol

Then some pics of us goofying around. Well, ME, goofing around. Occasionally he's been occupied with this new game of his, Jurassic Park haha He never play games on his phone, nor download anything but this one got him GOOOOOOOD. 

We were on our way to go see the egg thingy, CLOUD GATE. But man, downtown is not like from where I came from. It's fucken crazy downtown in Chicago lol So we just drove around it haha We were on our way to pick up his friend John (bby name J Funky) to go back to our city to visit his gf. 

Got home and chilled a bit as we watch fucken Ruselle Peters. HAHAHA That guy, is fucken hilarious. I'm probably gonna show my parents one of his clips haha But yep...and ate our snacks we bought from Mitsuwa like fatties once again! I'm gonna miss being a fattie with him and watching shit ton of movies, anime, and comedies lol

SO YEAHHHH, it was good day. We needed this since we never really went out out with just us two, sorta. lol

And just cause I wouldn't know where to post these pics, here! Earlier TODAY before work at school lol


I'm planning on a trip to Japan myself the last two weeks Cody will be there. So I'm going to be cheap as hell and save save save. It'll be worth it. I'm gonna LOVE it there! I also can't wait for next semester when I start Japanese. I've been dreaming of this for 2 years now before college even started @_@ So many of our friends are planning to visit Japan sometime this summer too!! Trying to get them all to go near the end of July so we could all hang out together in Japan lol EEEEEEEEEK!!! I can't wait! I hope everything will go smoothly til then!!!! *CROSSES FINGERS*!!

OKAY! ^___^ Well, Thanks for reading! I'll make sure there are more adventures to share with you guys this summer before the BIG JAPAN adventure. ^___^ I can't wait to live more of life. 


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