EOS Ice Gray Circle Lens Review :3

Hi everyone ^_^

It's been a while since my last circle lens review, actually, I've been too busy to look into buying more lately :x So I bought these because last time, I got the Ice Browns, and I LOVED THE DESIGN! Too bad it I accidently ripped it :( I decided to try the gray ones this time :)

If you don't know already, I love grays. I think they compliment many different outfits and makeup look :)

I ordered mines from Maplelens.com. The sent me one to review from before, and I really do like their service and products that I went back ^_^

Hehe, lenses came in their very own made packaging that's eco friendly with a thank you note~

And of course, lens case to put them in so that you can soak them up right away :3

My first impression? OMG LOVE IT! :D It is definitely "icey" looking but somehow somewhat natural looking. Its nothing that would give a extreme impression like "holy crap your contact lenses" but rather "Ouuu, your eyes so purdy" :p

So here is a close up of the lenses in my eye with flash~

And here is a close up without the flash~

The side halo affects are awesome on these lenses. My fav gray was the GEO Nudy gray for that true gray, sparkle, and halo affect, but I think these are my new favorite grays now.

If you're looking for a englargement that looks 'natural', I'd say these does a pretty good job IN person lol If you look at my photo above, yeah it's quite exaggerated hahaha You know them kawaii Asians and their poses. :p

OH!! This is random..but I'm wearing a wig! (I hope it was pretty obvious that my hair cannot grow that fast lol) But yeah, cheap ass wig from ebay but it's quality is god sent! Could be god sent who knows! I love how soft it is. So easy to tame and put on and it looks natural and not all synthetic looking lol Omg, off track and starting a review of my wig wtf. Sorry lol

ANYWAYS, more camwhore photos of me with the wig, contacts, and oversized glasses!!

As for COMFORT, EOS brands are usually super comfortable for me. However, I know a few that has problems with itching and whatnot from EOS, just as I do for GEO brands, but they are perfectly fine for me. They are comfortable for me, not super though. I can occasionally feel it moving around my eye, I'm sure it's because of the size.

Here's another photo from the day before when I tried it out for the first time. Check out that halllloooooooo!! <3 :3

So yeah! Overall, these are my Newwwwwwwwww fav :D ^_______^ These are pretty popular now too lol If you want to check them out, here's the link! http://www.maplelens.com/eos-ice-grey/

I hope you enjoyed this review!! Thanks for reading :D

Bye ^3^


sincerely,bao said…
You totally look cute with the long wig! The color matches you well too!! I love it!
Chuy Yang said…
heheeh thanks Bao ^_^
Emi ♡ 恵美 said…
*__* So Cute

恵美より ♥
Obey Kittygang said…
You should do a video review !!
I wanna see how natural looking it is on Asian eyes (:

Deciding if i should really order it.

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