Update & JAPAN!

Hi everyone :)

Well uh, I've been gone pretty much everywhere for a while huh hahaha. I've been occupied with people around me like family and those that I care for lately and just been trying to keep up with myself while I'm at it, that's why :P So! Happy news for those that don't know already, I'm going to be in Japan for a about 3 1/2 weeks! I'm soooooooo excited! In about 3 days I'll land directly in Tokyo, Japan :o omfg! I'll be stepping foot. On. Japan. Guys. Something I never thought would happen. Actually this whole trip was kind of a random...thing...lol I kind of just threw everything in the air and said 'what the heck' and yeah, now I'm going to Japan! I'm kind of glad I did that. I feel like this is the new start of a more adventurous life that I NEED and I'm glad I'm forcing myself out of my comfort zone to explore and learn more about life, culture, and to just open my heart to new things and people and things.

So yeah! No matter what happens, I know everything will always be ok. I'll always figure something out and things will go as it will, which is usually good if I just keep believing and keep at SOMETHING. There will always be hope.
Anyways, I'm all packed and ready!

I can't wait! I haven't seen Cody for almost 4 months too. It'll be amazing to see him again.

So a few days ago I took some photos with my friend Ryan Bloomquist. I met him when we were getting our photos taken for Maid Cafe for an Anime Convention :3 He's leaving to New York soon and I'm leaving for a Japan in a few days so I thought it was perfect :3 But yeah, here are some photos ^_^

Actually there has been so much going on I don't think I can even organize it right in a single blog post lol But yeah, I'm just so thankful. This year has been great. Met many new great people, did so much more than I could ever imagine. Learned a lot, grew a lot, became stronger, know a little more about myself and who I want in my life. All in less than a year!! Its wonderful. I'm excited too do more :)

Oh, I also added another ear pierce lol I thought about it one day and decided to just do it. I would like a belly piercing, but I know about what happens during and after pregnancy with it...and for sure I want kids of my own so yeah...na-da ._.

I'll be dying my hair soon hehehehe. I'll post something about it if I'm not lazy haha. But it'll be a surprise ^__^

Thanks for reading guys! And I'll definitely keep posting more about Japan. I'll have time since Cody will be in class and stuff and I'll have nothing to do but post pics and stuff ^_^ Follow me on Instagram for quick photo stalking of me in Japan!!


See you guys soon, IN JAPAN ^___^ <3
- Chuy ♥


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