Naked Palettes Comparison (Naked 3 REVIEW)

Hey makeup junkies :)

So I finally have the complete Naked Palettes yay! I have the Naked one and two and after that I felt like I had to get the third one just to complete the collection lol I think each of these palettes are very unique and a different style in each palette. 

Starting off with the Naked 3 palette, the first time I saw it online it reminded me of Valentines day! The colors comes in warm pinks and soft chocolate browns like in Valentines Day chocolate boxes <3 Very sweet and romantic colors for innocent and youthful looks!

Here is a closer look at some of the colors in the palette:

Strange: Satin cream color
Dust: Dusty Shimmery Pale Pink Color
Burnout: Lightly shimmer pink peach color
Limit: Matte light taupe color


Buzz: Shimmery pink brown 
Trick: Shimmery gold
Nooner: Taupe brown gray
Liar: Light flat shimmer taupe


Factory: Light flat shimmer dirty brown
Mugshot: Light flat Shimmery light gray hint of brown
Darkside: Dark brown hint of gray
Blackheart: Dark brown with hints of purple sparkles


My personal favorite palette out of these three is the Naked 2. It has darker shades that I would use to define my eyes personally lol I also think the naked 2 has warmer shades that compliment my skin better. I appreciate the different palettes I think theyre all very unique. 

Naked 2 Palette:

The brush in this palette is really nice. Its probably one of my favorites out of the three brushes.

The blending brush (first photo of brush bristle) is great! Its a flat sided blending brush meaning its not a round fluffy blending brush. I love these kind of blending brushes because it really does a great job for concentrated blending. I use that side of the brush often. 

The other side of the brush is a more of a flat eyeshadow application for eye lids etc. Naked one, two and three all have it.


The Naked One palette was the one that started it all! I think the colors are cooler than the other two naked palettes. I havent used the palette as much ever since I got my Naked 2. But occasionally I come back to it because I have it :p Excuse the mirror I cracked it a bit when I went to Japan D; 

I didnt get the Naked Basics because I think its TOO basic for me. I like playing with colors so this palette would end up sitting in the corner lol

So yea! I hope you guys found this review handy! Love Urban Decay and I think Im going to try their new lipstick and lipgloss too! Til then, Thanks for reading <333


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