EOS Dark Ice Violet 2 Tones Circle Lens REVIEW ~ LensVillage Sponsor Post*

Hi everyone!

Today I'm doing a circle lens review on the Brand EOS, the dark ice violet, with 2 tones! I got these lenses from Lens Village! They have a large selection of brands, colors, and designs to choose from!
I love the purple shades because they automatically give you an anime look :3

When I received the package, these are the things that came with it: Two vials of circle lenses safely wrapped, a contact lens case and their business cards!

So the designs of these lenses are mostly on the outer part of the lenses like a ring. Lenses like these are my favs because they show up really well. The enlargement shows more since the diameter extends from your natural eyes, with these being 14.8mm in diameter. These lenses, specifically, are awesome because they create what I call the 'halo' affect! 

Here's a photo of my eyes looking away to show the affect:

Here are some more selfies lol These I took these photos in natural lighting near a window! 

In terms of comfort, the brand EOS is usually my to go. I never had a problem with EOS, until I have it for a while and its time for a new pair. But other than that, I never get irritation right away wearing these as long as I take care and disinfect them each time I wear them!

Comfort: Best comfort for me
Size: 14.8 is the largest I'd go before I look like an alien so perfect size if we were to speak of enlargement
Design and Color: Great design. Love the effect and look it gives me! 

Totally check them out here: http://www.lensvillage.com 

Take care~ Chuy <3


Jenava Thomasse said…
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Thank you for your help.

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