Mink makeup Printer by Grace Choi, my thoughts!

There has recently been a storm across the internet about a girl name Grace Choi and her invention, Mink. 

Currently, Mink is a 3D prototype that's going to evolve into a printer, the size of a MAC mini, that will literally print out, makeup! In her video, she shows her concept of how the Mink will work using her earliest prototype and demonstrating through a photoshop program on the process of how you will print your makeup using Mink.

This link will take you to her video demonstration of the prototype Mink: http://www.harpersbazaar.com/beauty/makeup-articles/harvard-student-invents-3D-makeup-printer?ha=1&src=soc_twtr

This link will take you to the interview with grace choi: http://techcrunch.com/2014/05/08/an-interview-with-mink-ceo-grace-choi-whos-taking-on-the-55-billion-beauty-industry-with-a-3d-makeup-printer/

The idea is truly dreamy and I'd love to try it. I'm not incredibly moved by it though, at least so far after watching this video and digging up more research on the product and her inspiration.

Her demo video is incredibly vague about the details of how the final product is created. She does say 'ink' and that scared me a bit lol she briefly explain more in her interview video that the machine has the general makeup ingredients and then the ink (however it will do it in the machine) will add the color, according to the number of a color you choose, after. For example: #000000 represents black and the higher the number the lighter or change of color gets etc (Photoshop/html/CSS language)

Mica is one of the main ingredients for most, if not all, makeup. So I'm assuming that's what the plain power in the makeup pan would be before the color dye is mixed in it. So the color itself is it's own ingredient. She says it's a FDA approved cosmetic grade dye, but if it's going to be able to copy any color, there will be some high intensity colors that aren't meant for certain parts of the face. Unless the Mink has to use some different ingredient that will be made differently or it would just be a lower quality of makeup where the pigment won't be as high. Certain products are not meant for certain parts of the face due too the intensity of some colors that may need more of a certain ingredient to create a more intense colored color, but because of that, the color may cause irritation, red is one example of the colors. Some products do label their packaging with a warning and to use with caution. For example, the urban decay electric palette. The packaging states "“Warning: Slowburn, Savage, Jilted, and Urban are not intended for the immediate eye area."

Not to mention, I wonder if the raw material from the Mink is vegan or if it's all chemicals. Those are things consumers need to know as well because vegan products is also a concern for many makeup consumers. Makeup is such a raw and complex material that it's hard for me to condense the idea into a small at home equipment for me lol Questions like how the textures (matte, sheer, satin, shimmer, glitter finishes) will be made is what makes makeup a wonderful discovery for me. It's not JUST the color. To create certain textures you would need specific ingredients. You can't forget that for some people, makeup is a luxury! Yet again, the prototype IS at it's earliest stage. 'Color' is what she is pushing with this product in terms of her marketing strategy, so far. And she did say the products will be similiar to drugstore cosmetics, meaning they won't be of great/unique quality like Nars, MAC, urban decay, etc. If you think about it, there are so many neutral palettes out there, the difference is how they are made, how they feel, and who distributes them. Many of those colors are similar, yet we still collect them all or some that we deem good quality do we not?

 $300 for the final for sale product is pretty cheap in my opinion for something this unique and futuristic. Her goal is to eventually lower it even more if it becomes successful. However I'm sure there will be a lot of re-fills for the cosmetic pans you will need each time you run out after 'printing' pans or Re-fils on the 'ink' etc. She also states her target audience are from ages 13-21. Would they really have the money to afford such an investment? I know I didn't lol but I suppose the Mink would make a fun birthday or Christmas gift!! Cant forget there are many different skin 'TYPES'. Maybe people won't have to be concerned too much with skin 'TONES' since the point of the product is 'color' (I assume) and as I said before, makeup isn't all about just color, it's about the finish as well. Will the substance give everyone with different skin types the same finish? What type of finish? Full or sheer coverage? Would all the makeup needs be in Mink? I obviously don't know how that tiny machine could work inside to create all this. Again, the idea is fantastic and I truly hope it can be made with great consideration of what makeup truly is. I'd love to get great makeup at the palms of my hand if possible lol

If anything, I assume the Mink will be its own makeup line, only cool feature is that it will print out right at your home with duplicated colors through the computer. Sounds like it's going to be an at home drugstore cosmetic line. 

So far, would the Mink be for me?!?!?
Probably not. I'm the type to buy makeup for luxury as well and I enjoy having a bigger option of cosmetics with different textures and finishes. Makeup is completely art to me, limitless, and variety. If Mink is to only exist and dominate all of the makeup world and only offer drugstore leveled cosmetics, with limited access to textures, pigments etc, I'd be sad lol

I find her idea intriguing and in no way am I saying it's a bad concept, just not really practical.... Yet! So Yes, as a makeup consumer, I have many questions and concerns since I'm all about makeup. These are my initial thoughts when thinking about purchasing the Mink product. I probably will purchase it to see for myself how it works and the quality! 

Best of luck to her! 

I'd love to here your thoughts as well! Feel free to post a comment below!!!!

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