Purple Ombre Wig Review! Sponsored post* ABHAIR.COM!

Hello loves~

I received an awesome wig sponsored by: www.abhair.com to review for you guys!

I was going to go for a natural wig but I thought it'd be more fun to try something you can't do everyday.  My hair currently is really short so I wanted something long. I decided to go with a purple ombre wig that goes pass my boobs. I LOVE IT!

It's more grey-purple at the top and fades into a light purple into a deeper purple at the tips.

Here is the photo as advertised on their website:

And here is the link for the actual wig that I got: http://www.abhair.com/product/long-straight-costume-ombre-wig-with-swept-bang-light-purple

Some selfies of the wig on me:

Here is a side view of it:

The wig is decently long on me:

SO yea! Overall, I really love how unique the wig is. I love how purple it is on the bottom and it flows really nice on the bottom too. I usually have a difficult time with wigs because I don't know how to fit them right, but this one fit pretty well and all I had to do was adjust the bangs.

Inside of the wig where you place it on your head, there is also a clip to keep it tucked and in place on your head. They also give you a free fish net to keep your hair in place and flat for the wig.


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Just type the code down before checking out! <3

Thanks for reading! :D

- Chuy xoxo


Lan said…
Nice post *_*Your blog is very nice and interesting. I`m glad if you visit my blog, too <3

Emi ♡ 恵美 said…
It's a beautiful shade, love the length and style, wonderful wiggie ^^

恵美より ♥
Lucy Hart said…
This wig looks really great on you! I've seen in many times while shopping for cosplay wigs and always wondered how it'd look when worn. You could totally wear this! ^0^

Btw, I was recently nominated for The Liebster Award and finally got around writing it. I've been following your blog for a while now and therefore I'm also nominating you now to answer my questions :) You can find them in the link below~

Lucy Hart~
Naokawaii said…
I like the purple tones, yup! Looks beautiful. But i prefer short wigs ^^
maymay said…
oww... this wig is really pretty and looks amazing on you!


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