Something different - A new way of ART

Many of you that have followed me for a while now know that I enjoy doing makeup and capturing them through photography. It has been a while now hasn't it?

I realized, as I was trying to get back into the groove, that the motivation I had for it was different this time.

It was about 3 years ago, almost 4, that I started this makeup/photography deal. I never noticed until now that my motivation for my makeup/photography, were expressions of my loneliness. Those were the times I didn't really know who i was yet, didn't know who I could trust yet, didn't have real responsibilities for I was still very young, so I look it up as a hobby. Many of my work were usually expressed in dark ways. I usually felt sad, hurt, extremely angry...and so I would try to release it in some form of art.

NOW, I have responsibilities of my own and I really don't mind them, I actually enjoy them because I get so much more out of my responsibilities. I feel, happier! I'm opening my own doors for opportunities, I can travel, I can schedule things my own time, and just everything belongs to me because I own them from working hard for it all. Going back into the groove of things however, is very different now because I can't rely on sadness anymore and I DO NOT want to. As beautiful as I was back then and what I was capable of when I was sad, it was not a pleasant place. NOW, I need to open a new door, a new path, a new way to get back into the groove but with rainbows, unicorns n' shiet this time.

Observing myself was always a 'thing' I had with myself. I enjoy seeing myself grow, seeing myself in pain, and blossoming from it. I enjoy indulging myself in my humanity and being puzzled with my reactions when faced with a certain good or bad situation.

Here I am today.

I want to start back on videos! Realizing that I am this way now and accepting who I was back then will guide me to create the future of who I will be and the type of videos I will be able to create NOW. Things always change, and I only want better for myself. I'm going to let happiness be my guide on creating new things for you all! I want to be happy when creating something beautiful this time. I hope you all will too <3

Love Always, Chuy <3


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