CANCUN, MEXICO VACATION - 2015 Blog update!


Long time no blog! (As I always say...) It's 2015 and I haven't updated or blogged in a while. I've been occupied with life, great life things lately that's why. Well, big news, my parents and I are opening up our own Nail Salon very extremely soon! I'm excited because we hope to change the way Nail Salon industries are running by inputting good habits in nail technician's routines in caring for client's nails and health as well as the management in Nail Salons in general using our experiences and soon-to-be expert knowledge from masters already in the industry.

I've learned so much and feel so educated in it I can't stop doing my own personal researching in the topic! It makes me appreciate the knowledge that current nail professionals have as well as the scientist behind it all.

But anyways! More about that later :)

This years first trip was to Cancun, Mexico! My two friends were engaged New years eve of 2014 and had planned this trip since then. It was such a wonderful experience and vacation that I've never had before. My first out of the country trip was in 2013, a 3 1/2 weeks in Japan which was wonderfully amazing on its own, but Cancun was definitely more chill and relaxing. I learned a bit more about myself after this trip: That I'm a dare devil and love doing thrilling and exciting new things!

We went scuba diving and zip lining and gosh it was so fun and amazing! I swam with an adult SEA TURTLE! How cool can that get?!

This is the wedding party! I tried my best to take photos for the lovely couple lol One of my favorite photos of the group hue hue! Wedding on the BEACH! 

And of course, me and my love during a fancy dinner evening ♥

Living in the midwest, this type of vacation makes the winter goes by a lot me at least :P

Definitely fun and it makes me want to do more! I swear traveling becomes addicting. Speaking of, sometime this year the boyfriend and I are planning a trip to Las Vegas!!! Mostly because I have the NEED to see my favorite gal, BRITNEY SPEARS. Plus, my 21st birthday was a total fail. Ha. Ha. In a weird and memorable way, lol. Updates on that trip soon hopefully!

Thanks for reading! I'll do my best to blog this year as a goal of it's own ^_^ ♥


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